IBK Bank

Young transactions

Being a teenager is difficult, but managing your money at that age (usually despite the small amount) is even more complicated and confusing.

IBK is a fintech focused on young people who are in their first steps when it comes to planning how to buy. IBK is digital bank. A different bank. Traditional banking services has a new generation, some activities that were only available to customers when physically inside of a bank branch now are posible in a digital way.
Now you can make any transaction and be inform without going out from your house with IBK bank.

High-level Goals

First steps to define Roadmap

1. Design an Hybrid app that allows users to access on trasactional platform with a MLP focus.

2. Discover and implement new features for the most recurring user tasks covering main types of hypotheses.

3. Design account sign up flow to reduce email and phone communication with an smooth onboarding process.