My career as a Product Designer

As a passionate Digital Experience Designer, I have had the privilege of driving transformative digital initiatives. My career is highlighted by the successful development of 18 digital products and the implementation of over 270 new features.

With expertise in crafting native applications for iOS and Android, and designing responsive and adaptive interfaces for diverse devices—including Apple Watch, ATM, Bank Tellers, and Tablet Banking—I have always aimed to enhance both functionality and user experience.

In leading teams from the design discovery phase in Sprint Zero to the full market release of integrated products, my goal has always been to improve operational efficiency and user satisfaction. The success of these initiatives is evident in their deployment across prestigious financial institutions in Europe and the Middle East, impacting over 12 million users globally.

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As a creative freelancer, I specialize in bringing unique ideas to life and helping fintech and a big variety of industries to develop amazing identities through top-notch UI/UX design.