BNP Paribas

Carpooling app

This app is focus on BNP paribas employees, allowing them to find destinations and travel in good company by connecting colleagues on recurrent trips.

See UX case

ING Bank


Introduction to ING project, main role as UX/UI designer, functions and deliverables.

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IBK Bank

Side project

IBK bank has a digital strategy approach and this UX case has a complete perspective from Research until the final pixel perfect result.

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Mashreq Bank

United Arab Emirates Bank

This case study focus on comercial landing page. I've analyse and make a proposal of a new content strategy and also implementation of horizontal navigation.

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El Club del Artista

Website / Learning Platform

It's a mentoring network that helps artist and companies make smarter decisions about their brand and marketing decisions by tracking their sells and investment across the community.

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