Hi there! I'm Mariaucris



I’m a user experience designer specialized in digital solutions for banking products working in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 🇦🇪

I’m constantly pursuing knowledge. I like to consider myself an always learning & creative soul. For that reason, I’m always doing “something else” like illustrations on Instagram, writing articles on Medium giving some talks, and also enjoy the art of photography.


Sharing Experiences

Madrid, Spain May 7, 2020

Basic Guide to animate your interfaces (Spanish)

Madrid, Spain February 25, 2020

Interfaces Animation (Spanish)

Testing and Learning

Interactions Animated

I enjoy testing, collaborating and discovering smart interactions. When I met Lottie I understood that there was no going back 🙂

Lottie can play animations on web or mobile devices while still maintaining a nice high quality. It can also have smart settings that can allow animations to be interactive. Discover my process and also get information on how to use it with my article in medium.